What Scares You About Corporate Rule?

What scares you most about corporate rule? Let us know!

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Here are some examples for inspiration (click for larger image):

Buying Elections







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From Angels of Progress, to Blood-Sucking Zombies

Corporations have morphed from the "special purpose opportunity generators" they were originally intended to be, to "all purpose opportunity consumers", leaving the people high & dry.

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Corporate Ruler = Corrupt Ruler

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My personal life is none of my employers business.

Corporations are increasingly demanding control of employees lives

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500 years of genocide driving ecocide, human savagery and species suicide

# End Corporate Rule # Move to Amend

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Drug Co. + Insurance Co. = Poor, sick country

The Health Care Industry colludes with insurance companies to make sure we get the most expensive--not the BEST--treatment, raising revenues for both of them.

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Private Prisons

Do we really want a system where there is profit in incarcerating people?

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